Eastern Christian Studies

Eastern Christian Studies

University College Stockholm (EHS), in collaboration with the Sankt Ignatios foundation, offers programs for the formation of priests and religious educators (Paidagogos/Malfono/Marigeta) within the Orthodox Church, as well as a general Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Eastern Christian studies

Within the Eastern Christian studies department, there are five programs to choose from:

  • The Pastoral program, for ordination to the priesthood, 180 credits including studies at folk high school level at Sankt Ignatios College
  • The Pedagogical Program / Religious Educator Program (Malphono/Marigeta), 300 credits including studies at folk high school level at Sankt Ignatios College
  • The Bachelor’s program in Eastern Christian Studies, 180 credits (partly part time)
  • The Master's program in Eastern Christian Studies, 120 credits (May be concluded with a magisterexamen, 60 credits)
  • The Research program in Eastern Christian Studies, 240 credits

The Pastoral and Pedagogical programs. The first two years of study will be held at Sankt Ignatios College and consists of academic studies and studies at folk high school. This combination offers a theological education where personal formation is combined with academic studies. This provides a solid foundation in Orthodox faith and teaching, introducing students to the liturgical languages of the Church, and equipping them to critically engage with the sources of faith. The college is a space, which offers a place for individuals to grow as a subject while embracing objective principles, methods and perspectives. The first year of studies will take place at the seminar in Tysslinge, Södertlje, and the second year at the seminar in Viksberg, Södertälje.

The third and fourth year consists of academic courser full time, combined with studies at folk high school part time. During this period the studies will take place at EHS in Bromma, and at Viksberg, Södertälje.

At Sankt Ignatios applicants to the pastoral program are evaluated based on an admissions interview. All courses require general entry requirements for university studies.

The Bachelor’s program will partly run as part time studies and during the first two years of studies the studies will take place in Södertälje. The instruction will during this period primarily take place in the evening, and occasionally at weekends. Language English.

The Master's program is a two-year program where students acquire a deeper understanding of the field of Eastern Christian studies as well as proficiency in scientific discourse at an advanced level. The Master's program will take place at EHS, Bromma, and as reading courses. Language English. After one year of study the studies may be concluded with a magisterexamen (60 credits).

You can also read more about the pastoral and pedagogical programs at the web site of Sankt Ignatios theological academy: www.sanktignatios.org

For more information about the Bachelor’s, Master's and Research programs please contact anne-christine.lindvall@ehs.se

Application site www.universityadmissions.se/intl/start 

The following plan describes the design of the academic courses at the Pastoral, Pedagogical, and Bachelor’s Programs 

1 The Early Church, 7.5 creditsHistorical Theology with Church History, 7.5 creditsHistory of Religions, 7.5 creditsBiblical Studies, 7.5 credits

Liturgics, 7.5 credits

Theories and Methods in Patristic Studies, 7.5 credits

Ecclesiology, 7.5 credits

Interpretation, theory and method with paper, 7.5 credit


The Gospel and the Letters of Paul, 10 credits

Sacred Texts of Eastern Christianity, 5 credits

History of Eastern Christianity: Mission and Development,
7.5 credits

Sanctification of Life:
Sacraments in the Eastern Churches, 7.5 credits

Eastern Christian liturgies,
7.5 credits

Patristics and the Great Church fathers, 7.5 credits

Ecclesiology and Canon Law in Eastern Christianity, 7.5 credits

Ecclesiology in Contemporary Orthodox Theology, 7.5 credits


Patristic Exegesis, 7.5 credits

Eastern Christian theology, 7.5 credits

Typicon Decoded, 7.5 credits

Systematic Ecclesiology, 
7.5 credits

Methodology - Eastern 

Christian Studies, 15 credits

Bachelor thesis, 15 credits