Reserve/Waiting list

Reserve/Waiting list

If you see the status ‘Reserve´ next to a course or programme at, it means that you have been placed on a waiting list.

After the first selection round you must reply to your admissions notification in order to keep your reserve place (as well as any admitted places). You will receive a second notification with the results of the second selection round . You'll find out then if you've been offered a place in the course/programme from the waiting list.

After selection, if the university decides to offer you admission, you'll receive an email from, along with a new Notification of Selection Results and we will also be in touch with you directly.

In some cases, you won't hear from us until after the semester starts, especially if it is a course that doesn't start until later. In general we don't offer admission to students from the waiting list later than 1-2 weeks after the course/programme has started.

If you do not wish to keep your place, you should decline your offer. This will remove you from the university's class and contact list for the course and make the space available to other interested applicants.