Research at Stockholm School of Theology

Research at Stockholm School of Theology

Research at Stockholm School of Theology (THS) is extensive and conducted in the two main fields of the School: Theology and Human Rights.

  • Nearly all lecturers/professors at THS have a doctorate and a considerable part of their time allocated for research and development of skills
  • THS offers doctoral programmes in various subject areas, partly in collaboration with other institutions, and now on its own, subsequent to the government’s decision in 2016 to accredit THS for the Doctor of Theology (ThD) degree
  • Research is conducted both individually and in the form of broader joint projects over several years
  • Researchers at THS are regularly involved in major projects funded by national research councils, foundations, or other sources
  • THS undertakes various research projects, surveys, and investigations, for different clients, in addition to regular research and teaching activities
  • THS is part of international networks for higher education, such as Erasmus and Nordplus, and has various international contacts that also include research collaboration
  • Research at THS is usually published as articles in scholarly journals or in monographs. Some research is available in the THS series, Studia Theologica Holmiensia, see publication list


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For more information on individual lecturers/professors, their research interests, and ongoing research, see their personal websites under KONTAKT (in Swedish).

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